1000 Cranes In Moonlight

Size: 39 " x 29"


Date: 2015


Price: $4,000 [Sold]


Private Collection


About 1000 Cranes in Moonlight


Hiromi writes about this very recent piece:


"It was 9 years ago I made my first big art piece (see "1000 Cranes at Night").  This piece is similar in style, but smaller.


It is related to the old piece, but energy of work is different. '1000 Cranes: Night Journey' was very strong and powerful. This work is softer and warm. Energy is toward to inside of yourself.  I was going to paint to this piece but changed to keep white during the process. I have made more than 10 “1000 Crane (senbazuru)" pieces. This is one of my favorite 1000 crane work at moment."