Kimono #3

Size: 16" x 20"


Date: 2015


Price: $800


About Kimono #3


In Japan the Kimono motif is very popular with, and familiar to, art lovers.


In Kimono #3, Hiromi employs traditional Japanese papers (Uzen-washi) to form a geometrical sortie of fifty-three cranes set against a rich, calligraphic design backdrop.


The choice of papers and design layout are characteristic of the classical "old school" Japanese approach to the highly patterned look of silk wedding kimonos.


Because the folding of individual origami elements is so time-consuming, Hiromi is one of the few artists in the world capable of employing origami as a painting technique.  Consequently, "origami paintings" are extremely rare, even to Japanese audiences.   According to Hiromi, "Kimono #3" represents her idea of what a person from Japan might typically imagine an "origami artwork in a frame" would look like.