Mangetu (Full Moon)

Size: 24" x 24"


Date: 2004


Price: $1900


About Mangetu (Full Moon)


This beautiful square work was created during Hiromi's early years in Broome while at Lachie Fraser's famous Broome Factory Gallery at 9 Farrell Street. In its meditative tonality and somber beauty, it shares affinities with "Susumu (Steps)", "Sasei (Rebirth)", and "Karappo (Empty)",  all which were produced around the same time.


Composed on handmade natural paper, "Mangetu" consists of hundreds of crane elements intentionally folded to reveal blue coloration. Interspersed among these elements are a subset of elements folded to reveal red coloration and dispersed throughout the piece at intervals forming a circular motif. The moon has been a major motif of Japanese waka, hakkiku, essays, and stories.


The fundamental attraction of the Moon is its light. Moonlight makes the night the hazy world, quite unlike the clarity of day, or the total darkness of night. The continuous waxing and waning of the moon suggests the cycle of life, death and rebirth.