Nobiru (Grow)

Size: 26 1/4" x 44 7/8"


Date: 2009


Price: $4,500



About Nobiru (Grow)


Consisting of large, intricately folded cranes, with varnish appliqué, mounted on thick, luxuriant hand-made Japanese paper, "Nobiru ("Grow") was inspired by patterns made by fern trees Hiromi has observed during her visits to rain forests in Australia and Asia.


The piece is evocative of Hiromi's Japanese origin and is a reminder of her Japanese roots. Hiromi frequently includes hand made paper into her works. The background on which Nobiru's cranes are mounted is an example of her paper making abilities.


The crane paper  is a very unique product.  It is called “Kamakura Bori design”. Kamakura Bori is one of the popular Japanese wood carving styles used in furniture, craft, kimono pattern design, etc.


Also, the paper is very thick and dense. Hiromi imagined the cranes resembling plants in movement, growing skyward.  She says, "I chose this paper because it feel strong and I can imagine the roots from the colour."


Cranes in movement upwards are seen as avatars, encouraging people to be strong, to dream, and to wish.