(I Can See The Sky)

Size: 26" x 40"


Date: 2013


Price: $4,500


About Soragamieru

(I Can See The Sky)


This astonishing work was chosen as the Brisbane Finalist at the 2015 Cliftons Art Prize, an annual competition that helps raise the profiles of local artists and encourages corporate patronage of the arts.


The Clifton Art Prize offers international exposure for local artists across Asia Pacific. It is open to emerging and established artists in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Originally starting out as a "play" craft for her daughter at school, Hiromi took the concept to the ultimate artistic end point.  The painting is extremely complex, consisting of a multitude of varying sized box origami foldings.  The papers were prepared by infusing colors into bubble water and then dropping the colored bubble water on the folding paper, creating beautiful blue patterns on each piece of origami paper.


Each of the colored papers were then reverse folded, capturing the pattern inside the box origami.  Hiromi then used lit incense to burn holes into selected box folds revealing the jewel-like blueish bubbling pattern at the interior of each penetrated box origami.  She likens the effect to gazing inwards and seeing a beautiful blue sky.