Susumu (Steps)

Size: 29 3/4" x 44 1/2"


Date: 2006


Price: $4,000




About Susumu (Steps)



"Susumu (Steps) consists of multiple layers of paper handmade by Hiromi in Broome, hundreds of crane foldings, calligraphy, ink washes and stippling.


Similar to "Sassi", and "Krappo", this piece, which was created about the same time as the other above-mentioned works, deals with the themes of transcendence and rebirth.


"Susumu (Steps)" is an essay on the nature of impermanence, one of the essential doctrines of Buddhism which views existence as transient, or in a constant state of flux. The mutability of life, that time passes on no matter what happens, is an important aspect of impermanence.  The red elements of the painting are the questing self or soul, ascending in time, and traveling in space against a universal backdrop of flux.  There are many who are unaware and few who choose to seek.