Tabi #2 (Journey)

Size: 17" x 22



Date: 2015


Price: $1,300


About Tabi #2 (Journey)




This "journey" speaks of pearls that were washed by sea water at Reddell Beach near Broome, Western Australia.  Reddell Beach is a spiritual woman’s ceremonial spot for local Australian Aboriginal people. The women perform ceremonial dances at Reddell beach in the traditional way.


Hiromi often went to Reddell Beach with her children to collect little sand stones, to be together, and to meet with friends. One day Hiromi took numerous pearls to Reddell Beach and performed her own ceremony, letting them sink in the water between the red rocks that are scattered widely in the waters around Broome.


Hiromi frequently incorporates Reddell Beach pearls in her work to signify and honor ceremony and the important role it plays in daily life.