Tabi #3 (Journey)

Size: 18 " x 22"


Date: 2015


Price: $1,300



About Tabi #3 (Journey)


Although the Tabi motif is customarily found in Hiromi's smaller (miniature) series, the three Tabi pieces on display in Washington are larger in size.  Some of the techniques employed in the Tabi series may also be seen in Hiromi's larger piece, "Takaranotizu #2 (Treasure Map)".


Similar to the "Tabi #1" piece, "Tabi #3 (Journey)" employs black ink to make spot patterns across the water color canvas.  Hiromi says the single red crane in the upper left of the image is the viewer.  As opposed to "Tabi #1", however, the red crane is part of the collective journey through time and space.  This motif is popular in Japanese culture and represents harmony achieved through surrender and conformation.