Yuuki, Shinnen, Shinrai

(Courage, Belief, Faith)

Size: 26 1/4" x 44 7/8"


Date: 2007


Price: $4,000


About Yuuki, Shinnen, Shinrai

(Courage, Belief, Faith)


This beautiful triptych was chosen as the the exhibition's opening work because it summarizes Hiromi's overall artistic vision.


"Yuuki" is Japanese for courage, the ability to confront both physical and moral evil, hardship, pain and danger. Aristotle, in his Nicomachean Ethics, praises courage as one of the most desirable human qualities.  "Courage" is one the four cardinal virtues identified by medieval theologians.


 In panel one, Hiromi represents the soul as a white crane flying within a chaotic, evolving cloud of red, suggesting the dark forces of life that must be confronted and overcome.


"Shinnen" is belief, which, in the Platonic sense, is knowledge of the "true". It is our fundamental quest as human beings to understand the creation we are in and our role in it. In the middle piece of the triptych, Hiromi represents a white crane ascending a thin, red filament upwards.


"Shinrai" is faith, which is the foundation of belief. To have faith is to move beyond experience into the realm of the soul. In the third, and last, segment of her eloquent triptych, Hiromi shows the crane encompassed in a circle, the symbol of eternity.